Professional Preparation 


•    Assistant Research Scientist - Johns Hopkins University.
(2017 –  Present)
•    Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow - Johns Hopkins University. 
(2016 –  Present)
•    Ph.D. (Concentration: Planetary Science, minor: Volcanology) - Georgia Institute of Technology. 
(2012 – 2016)
•    Bachelors of Science (Concentration: Geo-physics, minor: Planetary Science) - University of Arizona. 

Select awards/honors

  • Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellowship. Johns Hopkins University. (2016).
  • Urey Fellow (Declined). Lunar and Planetary Institute. (2016).
  • Council on Undergraduate Research Fellow.  CUR. (2016).
  • Best Paper. School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, GATech. (2016)
  • Special Recognition. Office of the AZ governor (Douglas A. Ducey). (2015).
  • 30Under30 in Science. Forbes. (2015).
  • Research Excellence Award. GATech. (2015).
  • Travel Grant. Geological Society of America. (2014).
  • Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) Fellowship. National Science Foundation (2015). 
  • Travel Grant. NASA & Carnegie Institution for Science. (2014).
  • Graduate Research Fellowship. National Science Foundation. (2013). 
  • Career Award. Lunar and Planetary Institute. (2013). 
  • Team-X Merit Award. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (2013). 
  • Vorhees Scholarship. University of Arizona. (2012). 
  • Best Geomorphology Talk. University of Arizona. (2012). 
  • First Place in Physical Science Research. University of Arizona. (2012). 
  • Honorary Presidents Award. University of Arizona. (2011). 
  • CUR Fellow. Council on Undergraduate Research. (2011).
  • Group Achievement Award. HiRISE Science Team. NASA. (2011). 



•    Reviewer for: Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Planetary and Space Science, Icarus,            Nature Communications, Seismological Research Letters.  
•    Executive Secretary for NASA Solar System Workings (SSW) Review Panel. 
•    Review Panelist for NASA Solar System Workings (SSW), Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP), Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration,      and Tools (PDART).  

Past employment and involvement (chronological)

·     University de Nantes. (NSF-GROW/CNRS Fellowship). [September, 2015-October,2015]. 
Project: Cryostat experiments to study perchlorates stability under Martian surface conditions. 

•    Jet Propulsion Laboratory [June 2013 – August 2013]. 
Project: Geophysical characterization of the landing site for InSight mission to Mars. (w/Dr. Suzanne Smrekar).  

•    Planetary Science Institute, (PSI) [2011-2012].
Project: Characterization of coma morphology of comet Halley. (w/Dr. Nalin Samarasinha).

•    Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter & Lunar Mapping and Modeling Project [2010-2012]. 
Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Analyst.  

•    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona [2010-2011]. 
Project: Metal distribution analysis on H-chondrites. (w/Dr. Dante Lauretta). 

•    High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, (HiRISE) [2008-2012].
Image Validator, DTM Analyst, Research Assistant. (w/Dr. Alfred McEwen). 

•    Southern California Earthquake Center [2009]. 
Project: Non-volcanic Triggered Tremors in California and Nepal. (w/Dr. Zhigang Peng).

•    Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona [2008]. 
Project: (1) Scanning Electron Microprobe (SEM) imaging of detrital zircons. (2) Operation Tech in Paleomagnetism Lab.  Research Assistant (w/Dr. George Gehrels & Dr. Tank Ojha).

•    Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, University of Arizona [2008]. 
Project: Extraction of graphene. Engineering design, implementation and construction of a feedback box. Research Assistant (w/Dr. Brian LeRoy).


Teaching Experience

•    Teaching Assistant for EAS1601 “How to Build a Habitable Planet”-Dr. Jean Lynch-Stieglitz. (Spring, 2013).
•    Teaching Assistant for EAS 2600. “Earth Processes”. (Spring, 2013)
•    Guest Lecturer: Astrobiology Class led by Dr. Veronica Bray. November 2011. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. University of            Arizona. 

Invited talks/lectures

•    Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars. University of Arkansas (2012). Invited. 
•    Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars. New Mexico State University (2012). Invited.
•    Mars Seminar. JPL (2013). 
•    Summer Intern Final Presentation. JPL (2013). 
•    Mars: Beyond Life. Atlanta Science Tavern (2015).
•    Dynamic Surface Processes on Mars. Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique de Nantes (2015). 
•    Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) (2015). Invited.
•    SpaceUp Atlanta. November (2015). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    TEDx Gateway. December (2015). Invited.
•    University of Georgia (2016). Invited.
•    Hastings College (2016). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    MaryMount University (2017). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    DragonCon. Atlanta (2017). Invited.