Lujendra Ojha

You can find my full CV (with conference abstracts) here. 

Professional Preparation

  • Rutgers University

    • Assistant Professor (2019 — Present).

  • Johns Hopkins University

    • Research Scientist (2017 – Present).

    • Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellow. (2016 - Present).

  • Georgia Inst. of Technology

    • Ph.D. 2012 – 2016.

      • Concentration: Planetary Science. Minor: Volcanology.

  • University of Arizona

    • Bachelors of Science. 2007-2012.

      • Concentration: Geo-physics. Minor: Planetary Science.

Awards/ Honors

  • CSH Fellowship (Declined). University of Bern. (2018)

  • Blaustein Postdoctoral Fellowship. Johns Hopkins University. (2016).

  • Urey Fellowship (Declined). Lunar and Planetary Institute. (2016).

  • Council on Undergraduate Research Fellow. CUR. (2016).

  • Best Paper. School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, GATech. (2016)

  • Special Recognition. Office of the AZ governor (Douglas A. Ducey). (2015).

  • 30Under30 in Science. Forbes. (2015).

  • Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) fellowship. National Science Foundation. (2015).

  • Research Excellence Award. GATech. (2015).

  • Travel Grant. Geological Society of America. (2014).

  • Travel Grant. NASA & Carnegie Institution for Science. (2013).

  • Graduate Research Fellowship. National Science Foundation. (2013).

  • Career Award. Lunar and Planetary Institute. (2013).

  • Team-X Merit Award. Jet Propulsion Laboratory. (2013).

  • Vorhees Scholarship. University of Arizona. (2012).

  • Best Geomorphology Talk. University of Arizona. (2012).

  • First Place in Physical Science Research. University of Arizona. (2012).

  • Honorary Presidents Award. University of Arizona. (2011).

  • CUR Fellow. Council on Undergraduate Research. (2011).

  • Group Achievement Award. HiRISE Science Team. NASA. (2011).

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant for EAS1601 “How to Build a Habitable Planet”-Dr. Jean Lynch-Stieglitz. (Spring, 2013).

  • Teaching Assistant for EAS 2600. “Earth Processes”. (Spring, 2013)

  • Guest Lecturer: Astrobiology Class led by Dr. Veronica Bray. November 2011. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. University of Arizona.

Invited Talks/Public Lectures

•    Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars. University of Arkansas (2012). Invited. 
•    Recurring Slope Lineae on Mars. New Mexico State University (2012). Invited.
•    Mars Seminar. JPL (2013). 
•    Summer Intern Final Presentation. JPL (2013). 
•    Mars: Beyond Life. Atlanta Science Tavern (2015).
•    Dynamic Surface Processes on Mars. Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique de          Nantes (2015). 
•    Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) (2015). Invited.
•    SpaceUp Atlanta. November (2015). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    TEDx Gateway. December (2015). Invited.
•    University of Georgia (2016). Invited.
•    Hastings College (2016). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    MaryMount University (2017). Invited. Keynote Speaker
•    DragonCon. Atlanta (2017). Invited.
•    Planets, Life, and the Universe Lecture Series. Space Telescope Science Institute and                Johns Hopkins University. (2017). Invited. 
•    University of Oldenburg. (2019). Invited. 


Reviewer for: Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Planetary and Space Science, Icarus, Nature Communications, Seismological Research Letters. 

Executive Secretary for NASA Solar System Workings (SSW) Review Panel. 

Review Panelist for NASA Solar System Workings (SSW), Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP), Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART).  

Founder of The Baltimore Science Tavern. 


•    University de Nantes. (NSF-GROW/CNRS Fellowship). [September, 2015-October,2015]. 
o    Project: Cryostat experiments to study perchlorates stability under Martian surface conditions. 
•    Jet Propulsion Laboratory [June 2013 – August 2013]. 
o    Project: Geophysical characterization of the landing site for InSight mission to Mars. (w/Dr. Suzanne Smrekar).  
•    Planetary Science Institute, (PSI) [2011-2012].
o    Project: Characterization of coma morphology of comet Halley. (w/Dr. Nalin Samarasinha).
•    Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter & Lunar Mapping and Modeling Project [2010-2012]. 
o    Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Analyst.  
•    Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona [2010-2011]. 
o    Project: Metal distribution analysis on H-chondrites. (w/Dr. Dante Lauretta). 
•    High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, (HiRISE) [2008-2012].
o    Image Validator, DTM Analyst, Research Assistant. (w/Dr. Alfred McEwen). 
•    Southern California Earthquake Center [2009]. 
o    Project: Non-volcanic Triggered Tremors in California and Nepal. (w/Dr. Zhigang Peng).
•    Department of Geoscience, University of Arizona [2008]. 
o    Project: (1) Scanning Electron Microprobe (SEM) imaging of detrital zircons. (2) Operation Tech in Paleomagnetism Lab.  Research Assistant (w/Dr. George Gehrels & Dr. Tank Ojha).
•    Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science, University of Arizona [2008]. 
o    Project: Extraction of graphene. Engineering design, implementation and construction of a feedback box. Research Assistant (w/Dr. Brian LeRoy).